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In South Carolina, the offense of solicitation for prostitution falls under a set of statutes that address prostitution along with a wide variety of related acts.  The unlawful acts named in the statute extend to, among others, indecent exposure, leasing or renting a vehicle to be used for purposes of prostitution, and causing a female to remain in a house of prostitution.

If you are charged with an act of solicitation for prostitution, you may be wondering what to do next. To get a better understanding of the charge against you and the potential consequences, you should seek the advice from a Summerville solicitation lawyer. A diligent defense attorney could advocate on your behalf and help you seek a favorable outcome in your case.

Solicitation and Prostitution

Per South Carolina Code of Laws §16-15-90, it is unlawful in South Carolina to engage in any of several acts related to prostitution, including soliciting for prostitution. Someone convicted of a first offense for any such act faces a fine of up to $200 or imprisonment for up to 30 days. The maximum penalty for a third or subsequent offense is a $3,000 fine and one year in prison.

Someone who is wondering about their chances of beating such a charge or just having the charges reduced could get the answers they need from an informed Summerville solicitation attorney.

Criminal Acts Involving Minors

Under §16-15-342 of the S.C. Code, criminal solicitation of a minor occurs when a person at least 18 years old contacts someone who is under the age of 18 or believed to be under 18 with intent to engage in sexual activity or a violent crime or to perform a sexual act in their presence. It does not constitute a defense that the person believed to be younger than 18 is a member of law enforcement acting in an official capacity.

According to §16-15-425 of the S.C. Code, the felony of participating in the prostitution of a minor occurs when someone who is not a minor patronizes a prostitute who is a minor, an act which may include “soliciting or requesting a minor to participate in prostitution.” Someone convicted faces a prison sentence of two to five years and may not receive parole before serving the two-year minimum sentence, which may not be suspended. A mistake regarding age is not a defense to prosecution.

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