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South Carolina defines broadly defines prostitution to include soliciting a prostitute or, in one of several ways, facilitating, encouraging, or inducing prostitution or some related act.

If you face a charge of prostitution for accepting something of value in exchange for sex, or for soliciting or otherwise facilitating such an exchange, you may find it helpful to speak to a Summerville prostitution lawyer about the charge, any prior convictions, and potential strategies for fighting the charge. Reach out to a nearby defense attorney to get started on your case.

Offenses That Could Violate South Carolina Prostitution Laws

Section 16, chapter 15 of the South Carolina Code of Laws (“S.C. Code”) defines prostitution as “engaging or offering to engage in sexual activity with or for another in exchange for anything of value.” The state makes it unlawful in South Carolina to engage in prostitution or any of several related behaviors, such as soliciting, causing, encouraging, inducing, aiding, and abetting prostitution, running houses of prostitution, and taking part in associated acts such as exchanging value, transporting, and crossing state lines. Other related behaviors prohibited in this context by the same statutes include:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Remaining in, or receiving others in, a structure or vehicle
  • Leasing, renting, or contracting a structure or vehicle
  • Transporting someone
  • Causing a female to become a prostitute, remain an inmate of a house of prostitution, or enter or leave the state

Any offense falling within the broad categories set out in S.C. Code §§16-15-90 and 100 brings the same maximum and minimum penalties for a first, second, or subsequent conviction, per §16-15-110. Someone convicted for the first time faces a fine of up to $200 or a prison sentence of up to 30 days. For a third or subsequent conviction, they face a fine of up to $3,000, imprisonment for at least one year, or both. A skilled Summerville prostitution lawyer could provide assistance and clarification about the specific charges as well as the potential consequences of a conviction.

Prostitution Offenses Related to Minors

According to §16-15-415 of the S.C. Code, the felony of promoting the prostitution of a minor occurs when an individual knowingly facilitates, encourages, or forces the participation of a minor in prostitution or supports or promotes prostitution of or by a minor. A mistake of age does not provide a defense against conviction. Someone convicted must serve the minimum three-year sentence before becoming eligible for parole.

According to §16-15-425, the felony of participating in the prostitution of a minor occurs when an individual patronizes a prostitute who is a minor by soliciting or requesting the minor’s participation in prostitution or paying or agreeing to pay the minor or their agent for the minor’s participation before it occurs or afterward according to a prior agreement. Conviction brings a mandatory prison sentence of two to five years, which cannot be suspended or lead to parole before the two-year minimum is served. Someone who is charged with either of these felonies could mitigate their losses or even avoid conviction by consulting a Summerville prostitution attorney.

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