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In a robbery case, whether someone used a weapon, any previous criminal record they have, and the location where the incident occurred can all affect the penalty as well as the defenses and excuses that may be available.

If you face a robbery charge and find yourself wondering about the facts in your case and how you might frame them to build an effective defense, you could help protect yourself and your freedom by consulting with a Summerville robbery lawyer. Discuss your options with a seasoned defense attorney as soon as possible.

Robbery while Armed with a Deadly Weapon

Under §16-11-325 of the South Carolina Code of Laws (“S.C. Code”), the felony of common law robbery carries a sentence of up to 15 years. Under §16-11-330, someone who commits robbery while armed with any deadly weapon, or who by action or words alleges that they are armed while using any object reasonably believed to be a deadly weapon, faces a mandatory sentence upon conviction of ten to 30 years in prison. The sentence is not subject to suspension or probation.

The felony of attempted robbery while armed with a deadly weapon, committed under the circumstances defined above, results in a sentence, upon conviction, of up to 20 years. Under S.C. Code §16-11-370, someone convicted under these circumstances of robbing the operator of a motor vehicle who transports passengers for hire faces the same penalty as that applied for conviction of armed robbery, per S.C. Code §16-11-330.

Requirements for Placards Regarding Armed Robbery

Under S.C. Code §16-11-340, the South Carolina Department of Revenue distributes to business establishments issued retailed licenses cardboard placards measuring at least 8″ x 11″ informing customers that someone convicted of armed robbery will serve at least seven years at hard labor without parole. The placards must be prominently displayed at any such establishment. Similar smaller placards measuring roughly 2.5″ x 5.5″ must appear prominently in vehicles used by the Department of Revenue for the transportation of passengers for hire.

If you face a charge for armed robbery, it would make sense for you to consult with a Summerville robbery attorney to learn about the possibility of having a case dismissed, a charge reduced, or a potential penalty diminished.

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Most cases are resolved out of court, and under some circumstances the resolution leads to a dismissal or reduced charge. If you face a robbery charge of any sort, you should know what your prospects are and how best to take advantage of them.

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